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Some instructive takeaways on spousal behavior during divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Divorce

A recent Forbes article spotlighting divorce focuses on impending exes’ instincts during that often unsettled and stress-inducing time.

The bottom line: Some divorcing parties in Florida and elsewhere can reasonably manage to keep the emotional rudder operative and on an even keel, while others, well, can’t.

In fact, some members of that latter group can’t remotely hold back from engaging in behavior that is unquestionably brusque and even openly confrontational. Moreover, it is often displayed in a manner evident to many third parties.

Including family law judges.

And that is something truly to be noted in any divorce, stresses the Forbes piece. A fundamental takeaway from that article underscores that rude and uncompromising conduct during the divorce process diminishes any prospect of amicability and easily forged decisions. And just as importantly, it is also self-destructive for the party who can’t check his or her worst instincts.

Far better for that person to be your soon-to-be ex than you.

The reasons why are simple. In a marriage involving children, for example, will the parent who is clearly seeking accommodation or the parent who is raging over every detail be more likely to gain judicial support in a parenting plan outcome?  Who will stand the better chance of gaining an advantageous outcome concerning marital property distribution, the spouse willing to consider differing scenarios or the one insisting on a my-way-or-no-way approach?

The central bottom line advanced in the Forbes piece underscores the clear desirability for any divorcing party to avoid behavior that “can quash your credibility – and likability – with the judge.”

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