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How a parenting plan can actually make divorce is easier

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Child Custody

Determining a custody plan can be a huge point of contention during a divorce. Parents don’t intend to split with their children and may not be used to the responsibilities that come with being a single parent.

But, with the right plan, divorcing spouses may actually find themselves able to move past their divorce more easily. Here are a few reasons why.

Clinical psychologist, Ann Buscho, outlines several benefits to a parenting plan in her Divorce Magazine article. Calling parenting plans a “peace treaty” between ex-spouses, Buscho discusses how a parenting plan may add order to events that were previously chaotic, such as family traditions, disruptions from normal routines, parties, travel, gift exchanges and interactions with relatives.

Buscho duly stresses that a parenting plan will almost never anticipate every post-divorce bump in the road. However, it can effectively “identify likely issues and provide a roadmap for handling [those] that are not easily resolved.”

This gives parents a guide when obstacles arise (that they didn’t have during their marriage). With both parties working together, the right plan can create a balance in a family’s dynamic that helps everyone get along better.

Timely and close input from an experienced family law legal team can help ensure that it does.