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Pre-divorce planning: adjusting to post-marital financial realities

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Divorce

Candor regarding the divorce process for impending Florida exes mandates telling it like it is.

We do that in an upfront manner on a website page of our experienced Tampa family law firm at Quinn & Lynch. P.A. We stress therein that, “Whether going through an uncontested or contested divorce, the process is legally complex and emotionally stressful.”

That hardly means that it can’t be successfully negotiated, though. Legions of divorcing spouses do just that with timely, on-point and empathetic help from a proven legal team.

The work that diligent family law attorneys do for valued and diverse clients ranges broadly in any given case. As we note on the above-cited webpage, though, the fair division of marital assets is one matter that commonly features in many Florida divorces.

Equitable asset division – especially in a high-net-worth decoupling – is often a key divorce focus. Moreover, a determination concerning property allocation flatly resists casual analysis. That is, accurate identification/valuation of marital wealth and its coupled distribution between divorcing parties is often one of the most challenging goals to achieve when ending a marriage.

Where ultimate financial equity is concerned, proven legal counsel is a must. That is acknowledged in one high-asset divorce overview underscoring that a legal team with a deep background in complex divorce advocacy “can provide singular insights” benefiting clients in property-linked outcomes.

As that piece notes, experienced legal counsel in a financially complex divorce will “quarterback [a divorce strategy] with knowledge and finesse.” That sometimes means soliciting input on an attorney-led team from financial experts (e.g., an accountant, financial planner or forensic analyst) who can provide value for a client.

The bottom-line goal in every divorce case it to optimally promote the best interests of a client seeking a just result and fresh post-divorce beginning.

Questions concerning financial matters or any other divorce-linked issues can be directed to a family law firm with a demonstrated record of success in divorce representation.