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Young people are not the only ones who seek to divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law

As a Tampa resident, you are well-acquainted with the reality that retirement-aged people from all over the U.S. gravitate to this area. They come for the weather, the attractions, the agreeable Floridian population and favorable taxation.

What new residents may not initially come here for but end up engaging in is what is called “gray divorce.”

Gray divorce is becoming more prevalent

Perhaps it is not surprising to learn that AARP first chronicled gray divorce, implying the dissolution of a lengthy marriage between middle-aged or older adults, back in 2004. As life expectancy and vital living continue to lengthen, and as the conservative mores of past generations ebb, more couples are opting to find happiness apart.

Older couples face different issues

When you think of the challenges traditionally faced by divorcing couples, child custody and parental rights may come to mind. With a gray divorce, the issues more often center on who will care for aging parents. These are some of the frequent concerns dealt with by mature spouses:

  • Can legal separation preclude divorce
  • How should you divide pensions and savings
  • How will each spouse receive dependable income
  • Who will pay for supporting elderly dependents
  • Will there be changes to life insurance policies
  • Should you draw up new wills

Seeking fulfillment after retirement takes different forms

As couples retreat from the career-driven portion of their years, more time for reflection and the pursuit of self-actualization becomes possible. It is neither surprising nor wrong that the course to fulfillment may take new directions. Perhaps this is why one out of three Florida divorces involves individuals over 50.