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How does a high-conflict divorce affect kids?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Divorce

When your Florida marriage ends, the chances of you or your former partner having hard feelings are high. However, when the relationship between you and your ex becomes especially acrimonious and the two of you share children, the contentiousness between you may begin to impact your kids.

According to Psychology Today, high-conflict divorces have the potential to impact your child’s emotional and mental health, among other areas. Yet, research suggests it is the level of conflict that exists between you, and not the fact that you are divorcing, that impacts your child most. Your child may experience more emotional turmoil if you remain in a high-conflict relationship than they would be if you were to part ways.

How conflicts between parents impact children

When there is considerable strife between you and your child’s other parent, it may begin to impact your child’s ability to succeed in school. It may also impact his or her future romantic or familial relationships as well as his or her sense of self and self-esteem.

How to minimize conflicts between you and your ex

If possible, consider pursuing something other than a litigated divorce to reduce the strain on your kids, such as a mediated or collaborative divorce. Creating a parenting plan and agreeing to the terms therein may also help reduce the level of conflict that exists between you and your former spouse.

It may also benefit you and your children in the long run if you and your ex come up with a way to address and handle future disagreements between you before they arise.