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Making child support payments in Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Child Support

Many parents fulfill their child support obligations through income withholding, which involves employers sending support payments to the state from the parent’s paycheck. However, some parents must find other ways to pay child support if income withholding does not cover the child support they owe.

Outside of income withholding, parents have other ways to pay support in Florida. It is crucial for non-custodial parents who have these obligations to familiarize themselves with all of the options in front of them and find the most practical method to make payments.

Different ways to pay child support

The Florida Department of Revenue covers child support payment options available in this state. Parents can submit payments online using their bank account through the State Disbursement Unit’s site, which takes two business days to process and does not result in fees. Parents can also use cash, a credit card or a debit card to pay at various retail locations around the state, although they have to pay a fee.

People can use money transfer services to pay support, but fees apply and it can take as long as seven business days to process payments. Furthermore, parents can mail child support payments to the state.

Finding the best child support payment method

It is crucial for parents to evaluate their options since identifying the most convenient payment method can reduce the likelihood of falling behind. Convenience, processing time and fees require consideration, and it is pivotal for parents who owe child support to do all they can to stay current.