Mediation: A Cost-Saving Alternative To Traditional Divorce

Even when it is clear that your marriage is over, it is natural to be apprehensive about going through a divorce. You have probably heard horror stories about long, expensive fights over property division and child custody, that leaves both the exes exhausted and bitter.

Fortunately, this does not have to be your divorce experience. Divorce mediation may give you and your ex the chance to work together to end your marriage amicably.

At Quinn & Lynch, P.A., our experienced family law attorneys have guided clients through divorce mediation in Tampa, Florida, for more than 27 years plus combined. We will walk you through the details of mediation to help you save significant time, money and emotional strain compared with the often-difficult traditional divorce process.

Divorce Mediation Vs. Standard Divorce

Traditional divorce is a type of litigation. That means the process is often formal and confrontational. In some cases, the spouses can end up in court to resolve their conflicts. Many times, the experience leaves the exes with hurt feelings that linger for years.

Mediation can help you avoid all of this.

Instead of competing against your ex in court, mediation allows the two of you to work together to settle the matters that need to be resolved to finalize your divorce. A neutral mediator acts as a go-between to guide you toward negotiated agreements. Depending on your ability to work with your spouse and the complexity of the issues involved, you may be able to reach a compromise in one mediation session, or you may meet several times.

By the end, you will have a divorce settlement you feel ownership of and can live with. Even the division of high-value assets like a family business and real estate can be successfully handled in mediation.

While divorce mediation is not an option for some couples, it could be the right choice for you. But you still need a divorce lawyer’s advice and guidance to prepare. One of our attorneys will explain mediation to you in specific detail and answer all your questions. Thanks to our ethical and high-quality representation, you will be ready to negotiate in good faith. You will be prepared to argue your position and support your parental and financial rights.

Curious About Divorce Mediation? Find Out More.

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