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Child support requirements are crucial to ensuring the well-being of children in Tampa, FL, following a separation or divorce. The child support obligation entails financial support made by one parent to help cover the expenses of raising his or her child. Florida has strict child support laws to ensure that both parents adhere to time-sharing plans and payment amounts, recognizing the importance of consistency in financial support. However, in some cases, one parent may fail to follow their child support order, leaving the other parent in a challenging situation.

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What Are Child Support Payments?

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Child support payments are financial contributions made by one parent to cover the expenses of raising a child. The non-custodial parent typically makes these payments to the custodial parent. The child support obligation ensures that children receive the financial support necessary for their well-being, including food, shelter, clothing, education, extracurricular activities, and healthcare.

How Child Support Works in Florida

Under Florida Law, child support determined by the courts follows a fair and consistent system for outlining the child support obligation.

Payment amounts are calculated based on the following:

  • Parents’ incomes: the net income or pay of both parents;
  • The number of children involved;
  • The cost of healthcare, childcare expenses, and education;
  • And the parenting plan or time-sharing arrangement.

By considering these factors, Florida law aims to ensure that the child support obligation is reasonable and proportional to the parents’ incomes and circumstances. For more information about calculating Florida child support payments, call Tampa child support lawyers at Quinn & Lynch P.A. today.

Florida Child Support Guidelines

Florida child support guidelines, as outlined in Florida Statute 61.30, offer comprehensive insights into the precise Florida guidelines and calculations essential for determining the child support agreement. Florida guidelines meticulously account for various factors to ensure that child support agreements are equitable and serve the child’s best interests above all else. 

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The Florida child support guidelines encompass detailed provisions addressing scenarios such as:

  • The child’s age falls between 18 and 19, 
  • A parent’s incarceration, 
  • Parenting plans that grant significant custody time to both parents, 
  • Court-mandated modifications exceeding a 5% deviation from guideline recommendations, 
  • Retroactive child support obligations, 
  • A parent’s refusal to disclose monthly income information, 
  • And instances where a parent receives social security benefits as part of monthly income. 

For more information on how these guidelines affect your child support case, contact a Tampa child support attorney at our law firm today.

How Long Do You Have to Pay Child Support in Florida?

A child support order in Florida typically lasts until the child turns 18. However, there are exceptions to this rule. A child support agreement may continue past this if the child:

  • is still in high school and expected to graduate before turning 19;
  • has a physical or mental disability that renders them dependent on support;
  • becomes emancipated before the age of 18 through marriage, joining the military, or becoming self-supporting;
  • Or if both parents agree to extend this in the parental agreement.

It is essential to consult with a Tampa child support lawyer at Quinn & Lynch P.A. to understand your specific circumstances and any potential extensions to obligations.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Child Support in Florida?

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Child support orders issued by the court are legally binding, and failing to meet your financial obligation can result in enforcement actions. Some expected consequences of non-payment include:

How Much Back Child Support is Considered a Felony in Florida?

Accumulating a substantial amount in back child support can lead to criminal charges in Florida. Specifically, when the final amount of unpaid child support reaches $5,000 or more, it becomes a third-degree felony according to Florida law (Florida Statute § 827.06). A third-degree felony in Florida can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment and substantial fines. 

If you are facing potential felony charges due to child support arrears, seeking legal representation from a Tampa child support attorney is crucial.

What To Expect During a Contempt Hearing for Child Support

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When a parent fails to pay child support, the custodial parent can file a motion for contempt of court. This motion initiates a legal process that may involve a contempt hearing. During a contempt hearing for a child support case, the following typically occurs:

  • Notification: The non-custodial parent is served with a notice of the contempt hearing, informing them of the allegations and the hearing date.
  • Hearing: The hearing occurs in court, and parents can present evidence and arguments. The primary parent must demonstrate that the other parent violated the court’s child support order.
  • Possible Outcomes: If the court finds the non-paying parent in contempt, they may face various penalties, such as fines, wage garnishment, or even jail time. The court may also order the non-paying parent to pay any outstanding child support arrears.
  • Compliance: The contempt proceedings may be resolved once the non-paying parent complies with the court’s orders.

The Tampa child support lawyers at Quinn & Lynch P.A. can represent you, protect your legal rights, and ensure the hearing outcome is in the child’s best interest.

When to Hire a Child Support Enforcement Lawyer in Tampa, FL

Navigating child support matters in Tampa, FL, can be complex, especially when dealing with enforcement, modification, or contempt issues. Here are some situations in which you should consider seeking legal assistance from a Tampa child support lawyer at Quinn & Lynch P.A.:

  • Enforcing Child Support: If you are a custodial parent struggling to receive child support payments from your former spouse, a Tampa child support lawyer can help you explore enforcement options and meet your child’s needs.
  • Modifying Child Support: If your financial circumstances have changed, either as the paying or receiving parent, and you believe the child support order should be modified, a Tampa child support attorney can guide you through the modification process.
  • Contempt Proceedings: If you are facing allegations of contempt for non-payment of child support, having a skilled Tampa child support lawyer by your side is essential to protect your rights and interests.
  • Navigating Complex Situations: Child support cases involving a high combined income or high net income of one former partner, shared parenting responsibilities, or unique circumstances can be intricate. An experienced family law attorney at our Tampa, FL, law firm can help you navigate these complexities effectively.
  • Understanding Your Rights: Understanding your rights and obligations in family law matters is essential. Knowledgeable Tampa child support attorneys can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to make informed decisions.
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Tampa Child Support Enforcement Attorneys at Quinn & Lynch P.A.

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