Collaborative Divorce

What To Know About Collaborative Divorce

Most of us know someone – a friend, a family member or even our own parents – who have gone through a divorce.

It’s almost always an emotional process, and the legalities of divorce can seem daunting. Collaborative divorce seeks to keep this personal matter out of the courtroom and help the parties reach an amicable agreement.

Collaborative Divorce Vs. Traditional Divorce

As an alternative to a traditional litigated divorce, collaborative divorce is less combative and opens the door to a more open and honest discussion. Both resolution methods rely on the skills of attorneys and other professionals to help the parties reach an agreement that is in their best interests, but collaborative divorce allows spouses to reach these agreements in a private setting.

In the collaborative divorce process, both parties work with a team consisting of an experienced marital law attorney, a neutral financial counselor and a neutral mental health counselor. At Quinn & Lynch, P.A., our attorneys have significant training in the collaborative process. Contact our Tampa collaborative lawyers today to learn more.

What Are The Benefits Of a Collaborative Divorce?

At the end of the day, the advantages of collaborative divorce allows are:

  • Better communication
  • More honesty
  • Less combativeness
  • Custom solutions
  • Learning and acceptance

For both parties to reap the benefits of a collaborative divorce, they must be willing to be transparent and honest. It is a process that truly considers not just the couple, but their families as well. Divorce is an action with long-term effects, and collaborative law helps everyone involved prepare for post-divorce life by assisting parties in their transition to former partners or co-parents to their children.

In addition to the emotional benefits of keeping divorce out of the courtroom, the process has financial benefits. Despite relying on a specialized team of legal, financial and mental health professionals, collaborative divorce costs considerably less than a litigated divorce. This is because the professionals involved actually help to bring the cost down – sharing one neutral financial counselor between both parties is less expensive than having two opposing financial counselors in court.

Plus, neutral third parties who are highly specialized in their respective fields can help you come to a better solution that is acceptable to both parties.

At Quinn & Lynch, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, we believe that the best settlements are the ones that empower our clients to move on with their lives and help them avoid a long, emotionally draining court battle. When the collaborative process is done right, it significantly reduces the stress on the family. The goal is not to fight with the other party – it’s to find a win-win solution that best serves your needs long term.

Divorce With Children

In cases where children are involved, it’s important that the collaboration process empowers co-parents to transition into this new role and gives them the financial support they need to move forward. By the end of the process, both parties should feel like their opinions were heard and that their best interests were kept in mind.

Consult With A Collaborative Lawyer Today!

Partnering with a skilled collaborative lawyer that you have a rapport with is essential for the collaborative divorce process. A good lawyer will not only help you understand the benefits of collaborative divorce, but will also help you determine whether it is appropriate for your situation. They will provide you with information about the types of divorce so you can make the most informed choice.

Our family law attorneys in Tampa are trained in collaborative divorce cases. Our attorneys have significant experience with the collaborative process. Seeking the advice of our experienced family law attorneys who are skilled in the collaborative process is essential to protect yourself.

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