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If you are searching for a divorce and family law attorney in the Tampa area, you may feel overwhelmed with options.

Looking for an attorney can be a difficult process, but it can be helpful to hear what past clients have to say about working with a particular law firm.

We invite you to read our client testimonials, below. If you have any questions, call us at 813-773-0687 or contact us online.

Client Testimonials

“Mary Quinn delivered surprisingly fast results when I hired her to handle a child support enforcement issue. Great family lawyer!”
~Kimberly Lorentzen

“She walked an amazing balance between emotional supportive and reassuringly professional. I never doubted she was doing whatever she could for me.”
~John Gentle

“I liked that I didn’t have to spend much time around a courtroom. She encouraged an amicable agreement, and that was also the best thing for me. I would be happy to call her if I needed a family lawyer again.”
~Helen Brown

“Always calm, and ready to help me when I was having trouble staying the same way. She was a wonderful family lawyer to me.”
~Lila Evans

“Quinn has so far helped me through two negotiations with my spouse. Both times, she knew what to ask, and was very good at predicting where we would have the most success pushing for the things I wanted. This is someone who really understands family law.”
~Stacie King

“I am so glad that Quinn has been there to support me throughout all of my child custody hearings. She has always been ready for everything that was thrown at us in the courtroom, including some false accusations against me.”
~Angeles Bevins

“Mrs. Kathryn Lynch is a top notch attorney. Not only does she know the Family law inside and out, but she also exhibits a human perspective and is incredibly personable. […] Hands down, she is the best attorney for the job! 5 stars from me!”
~Sarah B

“Kathryn is an amazing attorney. The process is difficult enough as it is. But when you have a person such as Kathryn at your side fighting for you and she does, with no hesitation if needed with the upmost professionalism and knowledge in family law. You have nothing to worry about you are in good hands. She is very knowledgeable, quick to resolve issues with opposing council making the process much easier for everyone. I hope I never need her services again. But if I do she’s # 1 on my list! Thank you Kathryn for everything.”

“I hired Kathryn to represent me for my divorce. She is a very thorough and compassionate attorney that was always available whenever I would have a question or concern. The divorce was settled out of court, which saved me a lot of money. I would highly recommend Ms. Lynch!”

“Kathryn Lynch was amazing to work with during my divorce. She was professional, kind-hearted and overall exceptional. Divorce is a daunting process—however, with Katie by your side, you will make it through. I highly recommend Kathryn Lynch to guide you through to your personal freedom!”
~Missy Abraham Merfeld

“I was very satisfied with the services I received. I did a lot of research before I hired her and I am glad that I did. She is one of a handful of lawyers who have special certification in Family Law matters (and the others are crazy-expensive). She is not the cheapest you will find – but my philosophy is never hire cheap lawyers or buy cheap toilet paper because you will get the same results. If you are looking for someone who is fair and who will be dedicated to your best interests then she is the lawyer for you. If you are vindictive and think you are going to B.S. your way through the process you are in for a surprise. She has a finely tuned B.S. meter and she is going to be tougher on you than opposing counsel.

I hired her several years after my divorce after trying – and failing – to rationally and fairly work with my ex. The drama was overwhelming. I can say that my life is much more sane today because of her services. I just wish that I had done it sooner.”
~Niles Bullis