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During a divorce, if you and your spouse have children under the age of 18, you will be faced with tough decisions about the future responsibilities you have toward your children, where they’re going to live and how choices that affect your children’s future will be made. We have assisted countless parents in these all-important matters, and we’ll use that experience to assist you as well.

The family law attorneys of Quinn & Lynch, P.A., are ready and able to help you resolve child custody issues, including:

We have many years of experience handling cases of contested custody/time-sharing and understand that these situations are highly emotional. Your opinion on the best interests of your child(ren) will always be heard and understood, and our compassionate legal team will make sure you are thoroughly prepared and made aware of the issues that matter to your case.

We resolve these issues temporarily during the litigation process as well as on a long-term basis following the divorce. In high-conflict cases, our law firm works with reputable child custody evaluators and parenting coordinators to create a parenting plan that has the best interests of your child(ren) at heart, while doing the least damage possible to your co-parenting relationship so that you can raise them in a healthy and happy environment.

Child Custody Explained: Parenting Plans Under Florida Law

Florida law as it relates to child custody and visitation changed in 2008. Prior to that, the court was faced with determining the primary residential parent and the secondary parent, who would have visitation with his or her children.

Now with the advent of Florida Statute 61.13 regarding parenting plans and time-sharing, if you and your spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan after a divorce, the court is required to create and implement one that outlines the roles and responsibilities each parent has to each child.

A parenting plan is a document created to govern the relationship between both parties and the many decisions that must be made regarding their minor children. The plan must include a time-sharing schedule for the parents and each child involved. The issues concerning children include education, health care and their physical, social and emotional well-being. In creating this plan, all circumstances between the parties, such as the parties’ historic relationship, any domestic violence and other factors, must also be considered.

If you and your spouse cannot agree, the court must create and enforce a time-sharing schedule. The schedule must be included in the overall parenting plan and specify the times, including overnights and holidays, that each child will spend with each parent.

Parenting plans must be approved by the court. If the parents cannot agree to a time-sharing arrangement and parenting plan, the time-sharing schedule shall then be established by the court. Our lawyers are here to assist you with formulating a parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement.

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