What is Collaborative Divorce?


The most important thing you can do for your children during a divorce is to work together with your soon-to-be ex. Collaborative divorce is a great option for parents pursuing a divorce without litigation. So, what is collaborative divorce?

What is Collaborative Divorce in Florida?

In a collaborative divorce, the lawyers for both parties work hard to settle disputes without litigation. Sometimes, other professionals like mediators and therapists are used to help move the process along positively. A collaborative divorce aims to find a middle ground where both parties are pleased with the results.

Collaborative divorces have grown more popular as they gain attention and spread nationwide. As part of family law, collaborative divorce is especially helpful for couples with children who are interested in working together to separate amicably and support their children through the process. Not just any lawyer can handle a collaborative divorce, however.

The right Tampa collaborative divorce lawyer will understand the intricacies of family law and the importance of working together to find solutions, negotiate, and plan. While a divorce may end a legal union, it is also the beginning of two separate entities with joint responsibilities to their beautiful children.

What Does a Collaborative Divorce Look Like?

When you think about the way divorce is portrayed on television or in movies (and sometimes even by our friends and family members), you probably envision a courtroom or two angry parties glaring at each other across a conference table, flanked by serious attorneys who are supposedly fighting hard to get them everything and the kitchen sink. While some divorces may end up looking like these stereotypes that are popularly portrayed, there is another option—collaborative divorce.

Rather than pitting two adversaries against each other, collaborative divorce approaches the separation as a process that can be mediated to be beneficial for both partners and the children. While there are differences in mediation, outlined here (collaborative divorce vs mediation), there are many more similarities. A collaborative divorce involves two separate attorneys committed to their clients and the process. In addition, professionals like certified divorce financial planners, custody specialists, and mediators may be relied upon to provide their expertise during negotiations.

A collaborative divorce is not usually hashed out in a couple of days. Negotiating finances, custody, and belongings considerately and completely can take several meetings. Throughout this process, some participants also see therapists to help them work through their issues with their former partner so they can co-parent in a beneficial way to their children.

Is a Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

If you get shivers down your spine just thinking about litigation and an adversarial divorce and want to work hard to keep your divorce as civil as possible for the sake of your children, a collaborative divorce may be a great option for you.

A collaborative divorce is a joint effort between two parties. If you and your partner cannot work together, a collaborative divorce may not currently be the right choice. If, however, you feel you can work to rise above blame in order to begin separating lives, finances, and belongings, then it’s important to consult with a Tampa collaborative divorce lawyer to get a clearer idea of what is involved.

Consult With a Tampa Collaborative Divorce Lawyer to Start Your New Journey

The best way to truly understand the collaborative divorce process and what it may mean for you and your family is to consult a Tampa collaborative divorce lawyer.

Rather than facing off in a litigation process that can be full of blame, committing to a collaborative divorce can be a growth process that helps set forth future expectations for separating couples.

Even if you decide that a collaborative divorce is not for you, there may be aspects of collaborative divorce that can assist you in your current situation. A skilled Tampa divorce lawyer can help you utilize parts of a collaborative approach to help negotiate with your former partner and assist you in planning for your future and your children’s futures.

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