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Family Law Services In Brandon, Florida

With over 35 years of combined Florida family law experience, we – attorneys Mary Elizabeth Quinn and Kathryn Ashley Lynch – are focused on resolving your issue. In most cases, this means we work to avoid going to court and seek to settle whenever it is reasonable and in your best interest.

At Quinn & Lynch, P.A., we know you want to work with a team of local attorneys who not only deeply understand the legal process but also understand that this is an emotional journey. We offer responsive service that aims to be as cost-and time-effective as possible.

Providing A Wide Range Of Services

We are highly experienced divorce and family law attorneys. Ms. Quinn is a trial attorney who is board certified in Florida family law. Ms. Lynch has over a decade of law experience guiding clients through their issues with care and compassion.

We can assist with a broad range of matters, including:

We know which issues require an aggressive approach and which issues are best negotiated. With that in mind, we always move forward with the best interests of you and your family as our first concern.

Focused On Your Needs

We have extensive experience resolving family law issues and divorces of all kinds. We also understand your need for discretion. We know it is most often in your best interest to settle your matter quickly, privately and affordably. Mediation can be useful to this end, as the process is not public and tends to be less formal.

We have the resources to get to the bottom of complex issues. We believe that the details can be just as important as the larger view and that resolution is key. We pursue amicable means whenever possible and employ collaborative family law when feasible and practical. Collaboration gives you a greater say in the process and the outcome. If you have children and will be co-parenting, this modality can establish a solid basis for communication after the divorce.

Using Litigation As A Last Resort

Courtroom litigation is costly, can be time-consuming and is not private. In fact, many people feel this modality to be an invasion of their privacy. It can also foment anger and resentment. While this is all true, it is also true that not every issue can be effectively resolved outside of court.

Should your relationship warrant it, or should negotiations fall short of being in your best interest, we will pursue a court case. Ms. Quinn’s extensive experience as a trial attorney makes her an excellent choice for any issue requiring litigation.

Work With A Team Dedicated To Your Success

We are dedicated to working with you to attain the results that align with your goals. We offer both effective legal representation and compassionate, understanding support. When you are ready to take that first step to resolve your issue, call 813-223-7739. You can also reach us via the website contact form. We are a local firm serving clients throughout Brandon and the surrounding communities.

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As a dedicated family law practice in the Tampa Bay area, we work one on one with our clients, resulting in representation that is characterized by genuine care and understanding. If you are dealing with divorce or other family law issues, please contact at 813-223-7739  to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced family and divorce attorneys.