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Domestic abuse: far more than just physical violence

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Domestic Violence

Advocates for victims of family abuse in Florida and nationally routinely note that individuals suffering from harm often hesitate to report it owing to a sadly misplaced assumption.

That is this: They think that help – protection and an effective legal response — is not forthcoming in instances when fear links to a third party’s conduct that falls short of physical maltreatment.

Candidly, that is exactly the mindset that perpetrators anticipate and rely upon. Many households face inner turmoil and sometimes tragic outcomes because acts falling short of physical abuse are still violent in nature.

Domestic abuse: a broad compendium of wrongs

Choking, slaps to the face, sexual assault – all these types of abuse clearly qualify as acts of domestic violence. The nonprofit victims’ advocacy organization HelpGuide duly notes that a broad band of other behaviors are abusive as well, though. Victimization often links to conduct like this:

  • Verbal lashing seeking to elicit guilt, shame or fear
  • Behavior that purposefully seeks to isolate a victim from others
  • Onerously exerted controls over finances
  • Attempts to keep friends and loved ones at a distance
  • Threats involving children
  • Incessant personal monitoring (e.g., computer spying, phone checking, stalking)

The bottom line regarding domestic abuse is that it encompasses behavior far beyond acts of physical violence. Victims should be aware of that and feel reasonably empowered by knowing that relevant laws and processes exist to safeguard them and their loved ones against wrongful conduct.

Questions or concerns regarding family violence can be directed to a proven and empathetic family law legal team. Experienced domestic abuse attorneys will respond promptly and in a manner that diligently promotes the rights and interests of a violence victim.