Information about child custody modifications

If there are substantial changes for one parent or the other, there may be grounds for a modification of the original child custody, or parental responsibility, order. According to the Florida Supreme Court, either parent can request a modification. However, there are certain steps this individual must take, and certain


Can I modify my alimony order?

Circumstances do and will change after your divorce that may render some decisions the court made or you agreed to difficult to maintain. In most cases, you can go back to court and request a modification. When it comes to alimony, the Florida Statutes grant you the ability to request


4 Reasons You Should Consider Modifying a custody order

When you and your spouse separate, you will need to make decisions about child custody in Florida. However, if an issue arises that makes the arrangement difficult, then a modified custody order could be right for you. Here are some of the reasons why modifying the order would be the


Florida Family Law Modifications: A continuing closer focus.

We referenced the fluidity and “change over time” quality inherent across much of marital & family law in a recent Quinn & Lynch blog post. We specifically noted that post-divorce understandings reached between former spouses during the marital dissolution process are not uniformly immutable. Some things understandably change down the


Things sometimes change: family law court-ordered modifications

Marital dissolution is a serious issue.  Unquestionably, divorce upends your life, materially altering circumstances for divorcing spouses and affected children. Many soon-to-be exes rightly regard the process and post-divorce realities with hope. They know that their decision to move on with a new life is well-reasoned and the proper outcome


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