Your brimming joint bank account is now … empty?

“Once there’s a separation,” states a financial adviser who works with divorcing couples, “people do weird things with money.” That’s not surprising, is it? Practiced Florida family law attorneys know from long experience that asset-tied issues are a prime source of concern and acrimony for splitting married partners. Money is


How an attorney-led team makes divorce easier

A divorce may be simple in concept: a married couple chooses to separate. However, the process can be much more complicated. For instance, a divorce in Florida needs to be “equitable,” according to the law. That means that divorcing partners will split their shared assets fairly, rather than getting a


Who Needs a Prenup?

When we hear the word prenup, it’s often in a negative sense. Dramas portray one spouse as losing out, on being made to suffer financially because of some obscure part of the agreement. This portrayal has certainly given prenups a bad rap, which is unfortunate. With almost half of couples


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