It’s your home business: Don’t lose it in a divorce.

Florida business owners are proud of their created enterprises. . A successful company is built step by step from an entrepreneurial vision linked with sweat equity and sound decision making. If you are  a company principal in the Tampa Bay Area or elsewhere in the state, you want to protect


How an attorney-led team makes divorce easier

A divorce may be simple in concept: a married couple chooses to separate. However, the process can be much more complicated. For instance, a divorce in Florida needs to be “equitable,” according to the law. That means that divorcing partners will split their shared assets fairly, rather than getting a


Just a bit outsized: Gates’ divorce property division

The general public naturally seems to gravitate toward details concerning the marital splits of the country’s richest couples. Although that is an interesting phenomenon, it is also understandable. High-profile impending exes commanding stratospheric levels of wealth of course have singular issues to deal with, but many of those concerns aren’t


Protecting your finances in a Florida divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time, but it is essential to protect your financial future during this process. In Florida, the courts divide assets and debts fairly but not necessarily equally, as it is an equitable distribution state. This article will provide some tips for protecting your finances


Can a Collaborative Divorce Better Protect Finances During Divorce?

There are two aspects of the divorce process that can have huge consequences for post-divorce life: finances and timesharing. It’s not difficult to find horror stories regarding former spouses hiding money or extended custody battles. Depending on the state of the relationship between the divorcing partners, however, it may be


How can you prepare financially for divorce?

Divorce can have numerous effects on your life, particularly when it comes to finances. Dividing assets, covering court costs, and other expenses can have a direct effect on your financial status, which is why preparation is so crucial. There are lots of things you can do to prepare financially for


Is your ex-spouse being fair about asset division?

Florida law mandates an equitable distribution of assets between soon-to-be exes in a divorce. Essentially, that means a judicially determined “fair” division of property. In some cases, the process surrounding property is relatively smooth and simple. Understandably, it ratchets up in complexity in other divorces, especially those featuring a significant

Common Law Marriage Florida

Common Law Marriage Florida: Protections for Unmarried Couples

Common law marriage in Florida is a concept that many might assume exists, given its presence in various other states and jurisdictions. However, it’s essential to understand that the state of Florida does not recognize common-law marriages. This means that couples who cohabit and present themselves as married without undergoing

stay at home mom divorce rights in florida
Child Custody

Stay-at-Home Mom Divorce Rights in Florida

What are the rights of a stay-at-home mom during a divorce? Divorce can be an extremely challenging experience for anyone, but as a stay-at-home mom, you may have dedicated years to caring for your family and supporting your spouse’s career, all while sacrificing your own professional ambitions.  Understanding your rights

is florida a 50/50 divorce state
Marital Assets

Is Florida a 50/50 Divorce State?

A top question our Florida divorce attorney team hears is, “Is Florida a 50/50 divorce state?” One of the top concerns for divorcing spouses in Florida is the division of separate property as well as marital assets and liabilities. A divorcing couple can accumulate a long list of valuable marital


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