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When life changes, can your child support agreement change, too?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Child Support, Modifications

Your child changes every day. They may have recently entered school. They may have different needs for healthcare than they did a year ago. You may have moved to a new home, changing their daily life in the process. Thankfully, your child support agreement can change to reflect their life as it is today.

Why might a child support order need to be changed?

Under Florida law, parents can request a modification if they experience a “substantial change in circumstances.” These substantial changes can include:

  • One parent loses a job
  • One parent experiences a significant decrease in income
  • One parent’s income increases
  • Changes in children’s childcare or schooling expenses
  • Changes in the child’s health needs
  • A change of residence
  • The paying parent has a new child and increased support responsibilities

Not every change in your life qualifies for a modification, however. To lead to a change in your support agreement, your new circumstances must account for a 15 percent or $50 change in monthly support payments.

The passage of time can also be cause for a modification of your child support order. The Florida Department of Revenue reviews child support orders every three years. In these cases, they may grant a modification at a smaller change of support payments, amounting to either $25 or 10 percent.

While your child’s needs may have been very different when you created your child support agreement, modification allows you to support them as they grow and change throughout their young life.