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Will nesting work for your family?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Divorce

Nesting is a good option for parents going through a divorce, as it allows for more stability for a child. It involves the child staying in the family home 24/7 and the parents taking turns living there.

But nesting does not necessarily work for every family. It is important to understand whether or not it works for you.

The issue of dual housing

According to Cornell Law School, nesting is a good option for many families. However, it involves parents overcoming several hurdles first.

The main one comes in the form of a financial hurdle. After all, parents cannot live in the family home 24/7 if they choose this option. They will need another place to live when it is not their turn at the family home.

Some choose to get around this financial pressure by rooming with relatives, friends or other loved ones temporarily. Others may choose more affordable temporary living accommodations, such as those provided by motels or hostels. Some may have the financial ability to rent small apartment units, too.

A matter of trust

The other major issue is the trust that parents must have between each other in order to make this work. After all, each parent will be leaving their co-parent alone in the family home, potentially for weeks at a time. They must trust one another to treat the home and each other’s personal property with the utmost respect while unsupervised.

If parents can meet these conditions, then nesting could possibly work. It is a good option to test out due to the benefits it can offer to a stressed child in these trying times.