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What factors does Florida consider when awarding alimony?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Family Law

When your Florida marriage comes to an end, your financial future may end up looking quite a bit different. If your marriage ends and you question whether you are going to have enough money to maintain your lifestyle, you may choose to pursue alimony in your split.

Per the Florida Legislature, if you do receive an alimony award in your divorce, you may get one of four types of alimony recognized by the state. These alimony types include bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational or permanent alimony. Whether you receive alimony or maintenance at all in your split depends on certain variables. Some of the things the state considers when deciding whether to award you alimony are as follows.

The length of your marriage

While the duration of your marriage, alone, may not be enough to secure you alimony, if your marriage was a lengthy one, your chances may improve. In longer marriages, the chances of you sacrificing your own career or education for that of your partner are also higher, and this is often a determining factor in alimony cases.

The standard of living you maintain

Courts also typically try to come up with arrangements that allow you to maintain a similar standard of living after a divorce to the one you enjoyed during your marriage.

Your education levels and earning capacities

Your education level and marketable skills help determine how likely you are to find gainful employment, so these are key considerations in alimony cases. How long it might take you to adopt the skills needed to find gainful employment, if necessary, is also a consideration.

These are some of the many variables that help decide if you get spousal maintenance in your split.