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Will mediation work for your divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Mediation

When you decide to seek a divorce, you have various options for how to go about the process. You can fight it out in court, but if you want a less combative approach, you may want to consider mediation.

The Florida Courts explain the mediation process is a way to work through all the decisions you must make in the divorce with the guidance of an independent and neutral professional. Mediation may or may not be right for your situation, so it helps to understand more about how it works.


For the process to work for you, you and your spouse must be able to work together. You need to be open to compromise and communication. It is essential you each understand that the process is about reaching agreements and working together toward finalizing all the aspects of your divorce. If either of you pushes back or refuses to compromise, it will not work.

The mediator

It is also important to understand the mediator is only there to keep the discussion on track. He or she does not make decisions and will not take sides. If you or your spouse try to use the mediator as a weapon in the process by trying to get him or her on your side, it will not work. You should also not expect that the mediator will give you any advice. He or she is only an observer and not someone who will offer opinions or legal guidance. Mediation is not a replacement for legal representation.

Mediation may not be the best solution for every couple, but for some, it makes the whole situation move along more smoothly.