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What does divorce mediation teach your kids?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Mediation

Divorce mediation is the answer to a contested, combative divorce. Through mediation, you work with your former spouse to divide property, create a parenting plan and discuss your children’s future.

While you may try to shield your kids from the divorce, your choices throughout the process will impact them. The American SPCC explains that mediation can set a positive example for your kids.

Mediation teaches compromise

Your kids will grow up to have disagreements and arguments of their own. In mediation, you have to learn how to make compromises. When splitting property or creating a parenting plan, the two of you may have very different ideas. The process teaches you where to compromise. When your children see their parents working together, even through disagreements, they learn that compromise is a healthy solution.

A drawn-out battle can affect your children’s mental health. They might believe they have to take sides. On the other hand, working together teaches that disagreements do not always mean that one party is wrong.

Mediation teaches kids to look beyond past mistakes

During the divorce, you and your former spouse can probably pinpoint everything that went wrong throughout your marriage. You might have more disagreements than agreements, including disagreements on how to raise your kids.

When you choose to work together, despite disagreements, your kids learn that past mistakes do not matter as much as the future does. They see their parents working past anger and resentment to give their kids the best possible life.

When you and your former spouse care about your child’s future, working together can benefit everyone.