4 Reasons You Should Consider Modifying a custody order

When you and your spouse separate, you will need to make decisions about child custody in Florida. However, if an issue arises that makes the arrangement difficult, then a modified custody order could be right for you.
Here are some of the reasons why modifying the order would be the right move:
One parent has relocated
If you move further away from your child, then you will need to have the right custody order. For instance, if you move more than 50 miles away from your spouse and children- you can apply for modification of an existing court order. This can make it easy for you to see your child.
Your child is in danger
In the event that your child is in danger, you can apply for modified custody. This can be, for example, in cases of domestic violence. A child may feel threatened when they are exposed to spousal abuse. The environment that they’re living in could also be unsafe for them. In such cases, all you need is an order from a judge granting you modified custody and visitation rights.
One parent has died
When you have shared child custody, you may not know how to approach your custody order after the death of one parent. As the parent who’s left behind, you will need a modified order to grant you more control over decisions regarding the child. This is one of the most
critical reasons for modifying a custody order that you should never overlook.

One parent is not adhering to the visitation schedule
A child’s visitation schedule is a legal document. This means you’ll need to make changes if one parent isn’t adhering to the agreement. If you feel like you’re not getting enough visitation with your children, you can file a
petition for modification to the visitation schedule.

Modifying a custody order can seem complicated in many ways. However, you should know that you have the right to do so if you need it. Knowing the steps to take and your legal options if you find yourself stuck can help you achieve a desirable outcome.

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