Family violence: always an elevated concern, especially now

Domestic abuse is a serious and unabating issue in Florida and across the country.
Especially now.
The number of family violence incidents that have been reported to authorities and victims’ groups nationally has significantly dropped in recent months. Unfortunately, this does not mean that less people are experiencing violence in the home.
The drop actually signifies that much violence is going unreported. Notes a director for the humanitarian agency CARE, “The drop is reflecting that women and vulnerable people are not able to report what’s happening.”
The current health crisis is reportedly responsible for the fact that there are
fewer reported cases, but a higher violence rate. One article spotlighting family abuse during the pandemic points to instances where “many women are forced to stay home with their abusers while many of their support systems have been disrupted.”

Just how widespread is the problem of domestic violence in the United States? The national Domestic Abuse Hotline states that a victim is abused somewhere in the country about every 2.5 seconds.
We note at
Quinn & Lynch, P.A. that domestic violence “can tear apart families and is a heart-wrenching issue.”

Moreover, it is often at the heart of key family law concerns and decisions. Victims needing
counsel and diligent legal representation can turn for advocacy to a proven and compassionate attorney team.

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