Traits of a Good Lawyer


While we all know a lawyer should have a J.D. and be admitted to their state bar, other traits of a good lawyer can help you determine whether a particular lawyer is right for you. Depending on the type of lawyer you are looking for—personal injury, business, divorce, etc.—those traits will differ. For example, you may want an aggressive personal injury lawyer or an astute business lawyer. For a divorce lawyer, you may seek a compassionate individual.

Traits of a Good Lawyer for Family Law

Family law encompasses many legal issues, including divorce, custody, paternity, asset division, etc. When seeking a family law attorney, you not only want them to have a good understanding of the law as it applies to your case, but you also want them to have some of the following traits.

Law Expertise

Attorneys have many specialties. Find an experienced professional with a long history of dealing with divorces. Someone might be great in another legal field yet new to this one. Representatives with extensive divorce experience are less prone to causing mistakes. They also understand
what causes marriages to fall apart. Your best bet is to choose a lawyer with 100% dedication to family law. Ask questions pertinent to your situation. The answers you receive should make your decision easier.

Empathy is a Good Lawyer Trait

Family law matters are frequently of a sensitive nature. From custody and paternity disputes to divorce proceedings, a good family law attorney must be able to empathize with their clients and understand the trials they are undergoing so they can best advocate for their clients.

Supportive is a Good Lawyer Trait

Family law issues can be emotionally charged. A good family law attorney understands how her case may affect her client and lends support when appropriate. They have ties to the community and can recommend support services when needed.

Trustworthiness is a Good Lawyer Trait

When you hire a lawyer, you want to feel that they will do their best work on your behalf. This requires a lot of trust. As such, your family law attorney should engender that level of trust by illustrating their desire and ability to help you with your current situation.

Forward-Looking is a Good Lawyer Trait

When dealing with a family law matter, it can be hard to think past the issue at hand. A skilled family law attorney will be able to help you consider any effects current actions can have on the future and assist you in appropriate planning when necessary.

Communicative is a Good Lawyer Trait

Legalese can often seem purposefully confusing. Your family law attorney is like your translator for the specialized language of the courtroom. She should be able to easily explain decisions and processes in a manner that is comfortable for her client. She should also share all pertinent information a client needs to make an informed decision.

Client-Centered is a Good Lawyer Trait

When you are with your attorney, you should feel like your case is their most important one. Ultimately, your attorney works for you. They want to help you with your legal issue and resolve it satisfactorily. For a lawyer to achieve this, they must be client-centered and make their client’s goals their goals.

Patience is a Good Lawyer Trait

The law rarely moves quickly. You may be involved in litigation for months, depending on your legal issue. Some divorces can take a couple of years to resolve. A patient family law attorney can help you navigate the system and make progress legally and personally. They will understand your frustrations throughout the process and can provide useful guidance.

Other Factors to Look for in a Family Lawyer

Cost of a Family Law Attorney

Choosing the least expensive attorney can be a poor decision. Such individuals often have inadequate knowledge and dispense inaccurate advice. Attorneys who lead clients into unwise agreements could be creating unchangeable situations. For example, Floridians do not have the right to alter property settlement agreements. Paying more for an attorney may increase the odds of a desirable outcome.

Location of the Family Law Attorney

Some attorneys outside Florida have a license to operate in the Sunshine State. It is better to select someone local. Nearby attorneys tend to know about regulations that pertain to your situation. Also, this individual might be familiar with the judge deciding your case. Besides, in-person meetings are more relaxed when the gathering location is convenient.

Traits of a Good Tampa Family Law Attorney

When seeking a Tampa family law attorney, it’s wise to have a face-to-face consultation to determine whether a particular lawyer is right for you. During your consultation, ask questions that can help you better understand the person you are thinking of hiring.

Quinn Law Firm focuses on providing legal services to Tampa area families in a kind and effective way. We understand that our clients face difficult, often life-changing events and do our best to support them throughout the process. In addition to being trained in family law matters Attorney Mary Quinn is versed in collaborative law and mediation. Not only does this provide her clients with alternative dispute resolution methods, but it also points to the care and effort that Quinn Family Law takes to help area residents resolve their family law issues.

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