Is a collaborative approach the best fit for your divorce?

While many people believe that a divorce will always involve conflict, this isn’t necessarily the case. Taking a collaborative approach can be beneficial to many couples, allowing them to keep the peace and work together to reach a fair solution. However, this approach isn’t necessarily the best fit for every divorce. Why might a collaborative divorce be right for you?
You and your spouse agree to work together.
First and foremost, collaborative divorce requires you and your spouse to work together. If you and your spouse can come together, provide comprehensive information about your assets and finances and negotiate a fair solution, collaborative divorce may be a beneficial solution.
You want to protect your privacy.
Litigated divorces occur in the court system, so the details of the divorce are public. This includes the personal information that may be revealed in court
and information about your finances. A collaborative divorce provides couples with a way to keep that sensitive information private.

You want to decrease costs.
Litigated divorce can be costly and create an additional challenges while you navigate the complex financial task of dividing your household. As Forbes notes, collaborative divorce can help couples
decrease the cost of the divorce process.

You want to lay the groundwork for future coparenting.
If you and your spouse have children, working together to reach a solution for your divorce can offer you a strong foundation for shared custody in the future. Not only will you build your ability to work together, but you will also potentially decrease the stress that conflict can cause for your family.
Every divorce is different, and the approach you take should be tailored to your unique situation. If you wonder whether a collaborative approach will help you achieve your goals, you may want to discuss your needs with an experienced attorney. They can help you determine whether a collaborative approach is the best path toward a bright future for you and your family.

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