Steps for smart pre-divorce planning

Approaching divorce with preparation and a clear understanding of your situation can ease the process. Advance planning helps you navigate the challenges of divorce and work towards a fair resolution.
For smart pre-divorce planning, consider what your life will look like after the marriage ends to gain clarity about the next steps.
Gather important documents
The court needs a comprehensive record of assets, debts and income for child support, property division and other key issues.  Create a file with copies of financial records such as bank statements, tax returns and property documents.
Assess your finances
Make a detailed budget to comprehend your income, expenses and debts along with a projected budget for after the divorce. This information will aid in negotiations about spousal support and asset division.
Think about child custody
Forbes reports that 38% of divorced women and nearly 19% of divorced men have
custody of minor children. If you and your spouse have children, focus on their well-being. Establish a stable routine for them and maintain this routine during the separation period.

Prepare to work on a co-parenting plan that addresses their needs. These steps support your child’s emotional and financial security during and after the divorce.
Consider your housing
Determine your housing situation post-divorce. Whether you plan to keep the family home, downsize or find a new place to live, weigh the financial implications and ensure it aligns with your budget. Having a stable living arrangement is crucial for your well-being.
Seek emotional support
Divorce can be emotionally challenging. Reach out to friends, family or a therapist for support. Talking to others who have gone through a divorce can provide valuable insights to help you process your feelings in a healthy way.
Stay organized and keep records
Throughout the divorce, maintain a well-organized record of related communication, especially with your spouse. Document agreements, discussions and important dates related to the divorce proceedings. Save emails and text messages as well. Clear records can prevent misunderstandings and serve as evidence if disputes arise.
Pre-planning empowers you to make informed decisions during the divorce process. You can manage stress during the process and increase the chances of an amicable split.

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