Florida Divorce Process


Options are generally nice to have. It’s good to have more than one arrow in the quiver.  The path taken will greatly affect how a divorce will go, how long it will take, how painful it will be, and how much it will cost. So, how does the Florida divorce process work?

How Can a Florida Divorce Attorney Help

An established family law legal team with a deep well of client advocacy in divorce matters can provide guidance and representation in these mainstay processes:

  • Litigated divorce in court overseen by a judge
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Mediated divorce

Any one of those processes might – or might not – comprise a best-route vehicle for an individual seeking to dissolve a marriage and start a fresh post-divorce life.

A court-overseen divorce is generally marked by some level – often heightened – of adversarialism, for example. High-conflict divorces are endeavors that often feature a win-lose outcome regarding fighting exes. Some divorcing couples see this judge-driven process as the only route for dissolving an embattled marriage.

Many other divorcing couples view things differently, though. For them, a mediated or collaborative decoupling is an option that can be profitably pursued in a generally civil vein.

The former alternative to litigation features a neutral facilitator who guides discussion while pursuing win-win outcomes. Conversely, spouses in a collaborative divorce each retain their own attorney and proceed similarly toward mutually beneficial solutions marked by a couple’s autonomy over the process.

Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce often yield many advantages, including enhanced privacy and comparative savings in cost, time, and energy relative to a litigated process. Understandably, divorcing parties often seek to retain a family law firm with certified mediators and proven collaborative law professionals.

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