Ways to co-parent successfully

Every divorce is different, and every family finds its own rhythm after their divorce, settling into a new routine and adapting to the changes that come with this significant transition.

While this process is never easy, co-parenting is an effective way for parents to continue raising their children together in a way that minimizes the negative impact of the divorce on the children.

Studies over the past decade have shown that 

co-parenting is the gold standard
 for parenting after divorce.

Co-parenting basics

Though challenging at times, co-parenting, which is choosing to collaborate and parent together, leads to healthier, happier children in the long run. It can also make things easier for the parents after they settle into a routine and find effective ways of working together.

There are many things parents can do to co-parent successfully, including:

Noticing and if necessary, changing the way parents communicate with one another

Sharing ideas with respect and keeping the lines of communication open 

Working together to solve conflict 

Running into ocassional problems is inevitable when co-parenting or in any relationship. Being willing to work through problems calmly while keeping the children’s best interests as the number one priority should be the most important element.

Collaboration and working together can go a long way in helping co-parents succeed in parenting and in teaching their children positive ways of interacting with others.

Practicing self-care 

Self-care is critical for everyone, especially for parents living in exceptional circumstances, such as managing increased pressure to pay bills, raise children, keep a house running independently, succeed at work, and more.

Ensuring that self-care is a part of each parent’s day-to-day life is imperative to healthy parenting. Whether that means engaging in a hobby, going for a daily walk, exercising, or doing something that each parent enjoys on their own, nurturing oneself is essential for the long-term success of co-parenting.

Divorce and sharing custody are difficult circumstances and every family is unique in how they deal with their issues. Collaborating and working together as mature adults, however, can truly make a difference in the outcome of the divorce and the lives of the children.

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