Why You Need a Skilled Divorce Lawyer

Divorce has a bad rap, though it really doesn’t need to. While divorce is the end to a marriage, it is also the gateway into a new chapter of the participants’ lives—one that doesn’t have to begin acrimoniously or with regret. One way to usher in this chapter and to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, is to partner with a skilled Tampa divorce attorney.

Having a skilled attorney on your side isn’t all about hiring the toughest lawyer to make sure you win. It’s about working with someone who understands your concerns and is committed to helping you achieve what’s in your best interests. While a tough negotiator is important, it’s also important that your lawyer is knowledgeable in the different aspects and types of family law, that she is compassionate, and that she is prepared to work tirelessly on your behalf.

While it may be tempting to focus on exposing the other party or someone “winning”, a thoughtful divorce attorney will assist you as you consider what your needs will be after the divorce to ensure the divorce process properly provides for your future. By anticipating complications, negotiating the separation of assets, and helping you craft a parenting plan, a divorce lawyer can make the process easier for you.

Anticipate Complications

A skilled
divorce attorney who has helped numerous clients resolve their issues and dissolve their marriages can help anticipate any complications that may arise through the course of a divorce. While some divorces may seem simple, often times, there are unexpected issues that arise. If both parties are using one lawyer to help speed up the process, this can lead to one party being taken advantage of or being left dissatisfied. In most cases, it is best for each party to have their own divorce lawyer.

By building a relationship with your lawyer and openly sharing the information that is pertinent to your case, you can help the process move more smoothly. In addition, this information allows a skilled divorce attorney to plan a course of action and determine what problems may arise throughout the process. To counter those issues, they may call in experts before complications arise. A skilled Tampa divorce attorney who has helped numerous clients come to satisfactory agreements with their former spouses has the in-depth knowledge necessary to work towards a positive outcome in your divorce.

Negotiate the Separation of Assets

Separating property and assets can be contentious. Those items that belonged to each spouse as well as those acquired during a marriage take on lives on their own when it’s time to apportion them and determine who gets what. By understanding your needs and keeping your interests and values in mind, a skilled divorce lawyer can help you fairly divide assets so that you have a better chance of getting those items you most care about. With years of experience and numerous professional connections, a Tampa divorce lawyer can recommend a financial professional to assist with the process if necessary.

Develop a Parenting Plan

Florida requires that all parents who are interested in time-sharing develop a
parenting plan that includes information about who makes which decisions, how handoffs will occur, and which holidays will be spent where. Going through a divorce can be traumatic for children. Contentious negotiations surrounding a parenting plan can worsen the emotional turmoil. An attorney who help you focus on the best interests of your children as you work with your former spouse to craft a plan that works for everyone.

Even if you aren’t using the collaborative method, a lawyer who has been
trained in collaborative divorce can more adequately represent your interests in your court. Their specialized training helps them work through tough situations while staying focused on the needs and interests of their clients.

Consulting With a Skilled Tampa Divorce Attorney

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