Why your A-list celeb’s marital split might matter personally

Maybe you just read that marital bliss for one of your favorite entertainers is on the proverbial rocks. Things seemed so positive over the years via all the glossy photos and linked upbeat stories that featured a seemingly ideal union.
And now that’s all apparently gone, with a sudden absence of pictures featuring your star’s multiple mansions, automobiles, kids in boarding schools and walk-of-fame photo ops. Those have been summarily replaced by courtroom shots of a bickering couple engaged in a custody tug of war, arguments over prenup provisions and core disagreements concerning the distribution of marital assets.
Should you care? Really?
It’s all remote and vicarious, of course. Still, legions of lay persons simply enamored of select celebrities really do haver personal reactions when hearing about their marital discord and relationship-ending specifics. As a recent article spotlighting the woes of famous actors, singers and other entertainers stresses, many people have a “history and investment” in those high-profile individuals.
And that’s really not so surprising. The writer of the above-cited piece notes that, “Celebrity couples are [for many of us] our real-life romance novels.” It’s nice to dwell on them occasionally and view their relationships as being permanently intact and marked by continual happiness.
Of course, that is far from routinely being the case. It turns out that the mythical lives of high-profile people are often rather pedestrian.
Importantly, too, they are marked by
problems and challenges often faced equally by people from other walks of life. Beyond the hype and glitter is commonly shared hope and occasional disappointment

That can prove materially instructive in the family law realm. As one commentator on celebrities states. “They have the same failings and the same issues we all do.”
The bottom line concerning that underscores that a Hollywood split can make for a teaching moment and remind many people facing family law hurdles that the challenges they face are far from strange or unique.

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