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Key considerations re establishing paternity in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Firm News

Reestablishing paternity is centrally about confirming a child’s rights and benefits. It’s important for mothers who must secure paternity payments and for fathers safeguarding visitation and custody.

We have written before that paternity “was not much of an issue” years ago. However paternity’s importance in family law increased dramatically as the prevalence of divorce and cohabitation between unwed partners increased.  These days paternity “can often become an issue when an unmarried mother gives birth.”

How is paternity established in Florida?

The route for establishing paternity is variable and depends on the facts of a specific case. A father might simply acknowledge parentage. Alternatively, he may voluntarily consent to DNA testing, which can yield an administrative order establishing parenthood.

Paternity is sometimes contested, though, which can draw in a Florida court. A judge can order a DNA test. If positive, fatherhood is deemed judicially confirmed.

What benefits are conferred through establishing paternity?

The upsides can be many and key for all concerned parties. We have already noted above the relevance of establishing paternity for child support and custody/visitation. We underscore on our website additional benefits as well, including these:

  • Securing of a life bond between father and child
  • Access to important family medical history
  • Receipt of benefits linked with health and life insurance
  • Access to government benefits, inheritances and more

Establishing paternity materially affects the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties. A proven paternity and family law legal team can provide further information and, when necessary, diligent representation that promotes the best interests of a valued client.