Domestic abuse: an obviously compelling divorce-linked topic

There can be no mincing of words concerning the topic of domestic violence. We flatly state on our website at the established Tampa family law firm of Quinn & Lynch that abuse “can tear apart families and is a heart-wrenching issue.”

Domestic violence can play out in a family at any time, or course. Notably, though, it emerges with increased frequency during divorce proceedings. Emotions understandably run high at such a time. Much is customarily at stake, especially where child-centric issues like custody and visitation are at stake.

Abuse victims often receive copious amounts of information from people who care about them. Candidly, that can sometimes seem overwhelming and even delay consideration of what it centrally important.
That is this: securing legal help without delay. A would-be or actual victim’s safety is of immediately paramount importance in any domestic violence scenario. An empathetic and proven family law legal team knows that and will promptly take steps to ensure protection and fully promote a valued client’s rights under the law.

Who is deemed a family or household member?

Florida statutory law construes individuals who qualify for protection against domestic abuse broadly. A victim can be a current or ex-spouse, relative by blood or marriage, former or past partner in an unmarried relationship, co-parent of a child or any person living within a family unit.

What behavior can be construed as domestic violence?

Florida law takes a wide approach here, as well. There is a long bullet-point list of conduct on the part of an individual that a court can find criminal. It ranges widely from kidnapping, various forms of assault and false imprisonment to battery, stalking and additional misconduct.

Questions or concerns about domestic violence can be directed to knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys at an experienced family law firm.

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