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Is your ex-spouse being fair about asset division?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Divorce

Florida law mandates an equitable distribution of assets between soon-to-be exes in a divorce. Essentially, that means a judicially determined “fair” division of property.

In some cases, the process surrounding property is relatively smooth and simple. Understandably, it ratchets up in complexity in other divorces, especially those featuring a significant amount of wealth marked by diverse holdings.

And it can be rendered especially problematic when one spouse is reasonably believed to be acting in bad faith by purposefully hiding marital wealth or seeking to undervalue it.

It happens. Fair behavior is not a universal virtue. As noted in one in-depth article spotlighting divorce-linked hidden assets, a divorcing spouse acting in good faith might reasonably suspect that an impending ex is lacking candor concerning “where all the money is.”

And, indeed, where is it? A fair divorce outcome presupposes the full identification of all marital wealth, followed by its accurate valuation and distribution. That result is flatly impossible to achieve when cheating – actually, criminal wrongdoing – is going on.

Tracking and ultimately finding all sources of marital wealth is an obvious imperative for securing a just divorce outcome.

A proven family legal team can help with that. The above-cited overview duly notes that experienced property division lawyers “will have the best chance of tracking down any hidden assets during a divorce.”