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Is timing a key concern in your Florida divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Divorce

Any Florida resident contemplating divorce can easily feel challenged and even a bit overwhelmed by what seemingly appears to be on the horizon.

If that’s you, take heart: You are hardly alone for having some angst concerning a process that will undoubtedly change your life in material ways and play out in a personally unique way.

Indeed, divorce is a signal event in life for most people, and it is altogether common for a person to feel a bit unglued when considering it.

“The process is legally complex and emotionally stressful,” duly notes one authoritative Florida family law source. And, given that, it makes sense for an impending ex to timely align with a legal team having a deep well of experience helping clients engage effectively and garner a fresh post-divorce start.

Seasoned input from family law advocates can range widely over a broadly relevant range of subject matter. The above-cited overview addresses a host of predivorce concerns.

So too does a steady stream of media commentary, with stories and reports ranging from the near-useless to the occasionally instructive.

A recent Forbes article merits some consideration for its spotlighting of one singular divorce topic, namely, the importance of timing when it comes to marital dissolution.

As that piece duly notes, the still-present viral pandemic has unquestionably been a prime determinant influencing when would-be splitting parties file for divorce. Much that is customarily predictable and known was rendered uncertain last year and remains a question mark moving into 2021.

Forbes stresses that continuing flux makes it an imperative for a party now considering divorce “to be strategic about your approach, including when you file.” A now-versus-later approach might reasonably have implications in matters ranging from asset valuation and taxes to family planning and more.

If you are firmly focused on proceeding down the divorce path, notes Forbes, “talk with your lawyer about the best timing, given the economy and your financial and family circumstances.”

A practiced and empathetic legal team will be ready to listen, address your concerns and help you implement a winning divorce strategy.