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The penalties for violating a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Child Custody, Child Support

If you have kids, dealing with child custody and visitation could remain one of the most challenging aspects of your divorce, even years after your marriage has come to an end. Unfortunately, some parents cannot spend time with their children as a result of the other party’s failure to respect a parenting plan. Moreover, these violations can also lead to serious penalties for a parent who has violated the terms of their parenting plan.

Whether you are facing allegations related to parenting plan violations, you cannot see your child because your ex is not respecting your rights or you worry about these difficulties arising in the future, it is helpful to take a closer look at the repercussions that can come with parenting plan violations.

Court-imposed penalties for parenting plan violations

The Florida Senate published laws related to the penalties for parenting plan violations. In Florida, courts may award additional parenting time to parents wrongly denied time-sharing. Moreover, a parent who violates the terms of a time-sharing schedule could have to perform community service, cover legal costs and take part in a parenting course.

Other possible repercussions due to parenting plan violations

In addition, some parents face contempt of court charges as a result of failing to abide by the terms of a parenting plan. In some instances, a parent has to spend time behind bars as a result of violations related to child custody. Moreover, the court could decide to modify the terms of a parenting plan due to violations.

It is pivotal for both parents to respect the terms of a parenting plan and stand up for their legal rights.