Maintaining your sanity during divorce and Covid-19

The global pandemic created tight quarters for many couples, especially as the lockdown approaches eight months in America. However, these tight quarters allowed married couples to understand if their relationships can handle the toughest situations. For some marriages, it did not.
Many spouses will pursue a divorce and work through the potentially combative process of separation. They may feel additional stress because of the external factors of society along with the personal strife of ending a long-term relationship. Luckily, there are some ways to maintain your sanity and mental health during these times and make informed and rational decisions through the process.
Take Care of “You”
Managing your life and running your day to day schedule can be exhausting in and of itself. On top of all this, you are now going through a divorce. Your attorney may request meetings, documentation, there may be hearings, depositions and even trial in your case.
All this could drain you emotionally and physically. Therefore, take time for yourself to meditate and calm your mind. Practice some relaxing activities like:

Taking a walk
Reading a book
Enjoying your favorite hobby
Practicing mindful breathing

It doesn’t matter what activity you choose as long as you do it for yourself.
Rely on support
While social distancing makes visits difficult, you should still stay in touch with your support system, whether that’s through the phone or FaceTime calls. Your friends and family members may offer solid advice, words of comfort or even a playful distraction.
Do not feel like you have to work through a divorce alone. You have people who are on your side, including an attorney who guides you through the legal hurdles of separation.
Visualize your next step
Some people thrive on setting goals for themselves. If you are this type of person, you should mentally prepare for the next step after your divorce. Imagine where you want to live or the next step in your career. You can even make small goals surrounding your health or implementing more hobbies into your routine.
Remember that divorce and a global pandemic is stressful. You are allowed to feel negative emotions, but do not let them swallow you up. Prioritize yourself and your happiness.

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