Not all family law firms are, well, family law firms

Many people in Hillsborough County and surrounding areas of Florida have family law concerns. That is hardly surprising, given that legal matters in this singular niche span human concerns across a wide and varied dimension.
In fact, it is arguably the case that family law issues and concerns are unrivaled in other areas of law for their immediate and strongly personal applicability to immediately affected parties. It is hard to imagine, for example, a legal issue more pressing than a parent’s visitation rights to a child or support payments necessary to sustain one or more needy family members.
Understandably, Florida residents often make a good-faith effort when they research family law attorneys to connect with proven legal counsel they can wholly trust and rely upon to promote their best interests.
Candidly, that can sometimes make for an arduous chore.
Here’s an initial point to ponder: Not every legal office that advertises itself as a family law firm truly merits that designation. The bottom line for many firms is that – for lack of a better word – they dabble in family law. It is often the case that a firm will focus some time and attention on a matter like divorce, while still holding back considerable resources for areas like commercial law, real estate, personal injury and estate planning.
Is that law firm a true marital and family law firm by any stretch of the imagination?
Modestly, we submit at the Tampa law firm of Quinn & Lynch that it is not. Dabbling does not underscore
true and tested devotion to family law matters and clients relying on sound and effective representation in what is a most specialized legal area.

Marital and family law is all that our practiced attorneys focus upon at Quinn & Lynch. Prospective and current clients can depend absolutely and always on that focused commitment.
We will have more to say about that in an upcoming blog post.
We wish health and safety to all our readers during the current health crisis, which the country will hopefully overcome in the near future.

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