How Florida limits grandparent visitation rights

In Florida, parents have a lot of control over child visitation matters. In fact, grandparent visitation in Florida isn’t a right “until a parent prohibits visitation completely.” Further, “a grandparent can’t ask a court for additional time with a grandchild if a parent is allowing some visits.” It’s argued that these


Is your ex-spouse being fair about asset division?

Florida law mandates an equitable distribution of assets between soon-to-be exes in a divorce. Essentially, that means a judicially determined “fair” division of property. In some cases, the process surrounding property is relatively smooth and simple. Understandably, it ratchets up in complexity in other divorces, especially those featuring a significant


How an attorney-led team makes divorce easier

A divorce may be simple in concept: a married couple chooses to separate. However, the process can be much more complicated. For instance, a divorce in Florida needs to be “equitable,” according to the law. That means that divorcing partners will split their shared assets fairly, rather than getting a


Family violence: always an elevated concern, especially now

Domestic abuse is a serious and unabating issue in Florida and across the country. Especially now. The number of family violence incidents that have been reported to authorities and victims’ groups nationally has significantly dropped in recent months. Unfortunately, this does not mean that less people are experiencing violence in


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