Domestic Violence Services in Florida

Domestic abuse in Florida – as everywhere else across the country – is an immediately sobering topic. Sadly, news stories surrounding family violence often feature downsides marked by adverse outcomes more than they do silver linings. A recent report from the Tampa Bay Times alters that tendency in a partially


Young people are not the only ones who seek to divorce

As a Tampa resident, you are well-acquainted with the reality that retirement-aged people from all over the U.S. gravitate to this area. They come for the weather, the attractions, the agreeable Floridian population and favorable taxation. What new residents may not initially come here for but end up engaging in


When can I request a modification of my divorce agreement?

After your divorce, you may realize your situation changes and you need to ask the court to modify your agreement. You can request changes to some parts of your divorce agreement. The Florida Statutes explain that you may be able to change child custody and support and spousal support through


What does divorce mediation teach your kids?

Divorce mediation is the answer to a contested, combative divorce. Through mediation, you work with your former spouse to divide property, create a parenting plan and discuss your children’s future. While you may try to shield your kids from the divorce, your choices throughout the process will impact them. The


Gray divorce: 3 things to know before telling your adult children

When parents divorce, breaking the news to the kids is often the hardest part. For parents of small children, there are many resources available to guide these difficult conversations. Unfortunately, couples whose children are now adults have fewer resources. Many people do not consider the impact of divorce on independent


How a Lawyer Can Help You Escape Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence and abuse , you are entitled to legal protections that can help you access safe spaces and options for pursuing charges against your abuser. Whether you are married, living together, or even in a romantic or sexual relationship with your abuser, a


It’s your home business: Don’t lose it in a divorce.

Florida business owners are proud of their created enterprises. . A successful company is built step by step from an entrepreneurial vision linked with sweat equity and sound decision making. If you are  a company principal in the Tampa Bay Area or elsewhere in the state, you want to protect


How an attorney-led team makes divorce easier

A divorce may be simple in concept: a married couple chooses to separate. However, the process can be much more complicated. For instance, a divorce in Florida needs to be “equitable,” according to the law. That means that divorcing partners will split their shared assets fairly, rather than getting a


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