Your brimming joint bank account is now … empty?

“Once there’s a separation,” states a financial adviser who works with divorcing couples, “people do weird things with money.” That’s not surprising, is it? Practiced Florida family law attorneys know from long experience that asset-tied issues are a prime source of concern and acrimony for splitting married partners. Money is


Divorce time-sharing: working out the details

Time sharing. It is something you automatically did as married Florida parents with children. Now, and provided the kids are still under the age of 18, it is something you must learn to do in a revised way post-divorce. Divorce-linked time sharing has unquestionably gone through some adjustments in Florida


Pets are understandably a key Florida divorce focus

A good many Floridians engaged in the divorce process have a beloved pet that has long been a central member of the family household. It is par for the course to think in emotive terms regarding that animal. Legions of divorcing Florida spouses naturally think about what makes their cherished


Florida divorce process myths

Many people in Florida have misconceptions about divorce and what might occur when they file petitions. Understanding the myths surrounding this matter might help you to know what to expect when you want to end your marriage. Myths about divorce requirements There are several common myths about divorce requirements in


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