How can I prepare for divorce mediation?

Choosing to go through mediation to settle your divorce may benefit you by giving you a lower-stress method of resolving your differences with your spouse and at a lower cost than if you had to go to court. If the concept of mediation is new to you, you might help


How does long distance co-parenting work out?

These days, co-parenting is a much more popular option than sole custody. Many parents try to work together after a divorce to raise their child jointly, providing the needed support and involvement of both parents. However, not every divorced couple will stay in the same city after a split. Some


What should you pack for your child custody transfers?

If your marriage is drawing to a close, focusing on your children’s concerns may help them combat the negative mental health consequences that often accompany divorce. Eventually, though, your kids may need to adjust to living in two separate households. Sharing physical custody of children requires coming up with time-sharing


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